Advocate Good Shepherd Heart Scan

525 Congress Pkwy #110, Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Advocate Good Shepherd Heart Scan

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525 Congress Pkwy


Crystal Lake, IL 60014

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Find out if you’re at risk for heart disease and help prevent a heart attack. A $49 calcium test for heart disease takes just 15 minutes and you can get one in Crystal Lake, IL. Our heart scan facilities are conveniently located near Route 176 West and Pingree Road. Our street address is 525 Congress Pkwy., #110, Crystal Lake, IL. When you’re looking for a heart scan close to home, visit us in Crystal Lake, IL.

A calcium test for heart disease – also called a calcium heart scan, CT heart scan or calcium scoring – shows your doctor any calcium deposits in the arteries of your heart. Calcium deposits can lead to a heart attack. This simple, noninvasive test will reveal your coronary calcium score. That score helps you understand if you’re at increased risk for coronary heart disease (CAD), which is the most common form of heart disease.

You’re eligible to schedule a calcium test for heart disease if you’re 35 or older, haven’t been diagnosed with heart disease, don’t have a pacemaker and meet other risk criteria. You’ll also need an order from your primary care provider or specialist. We'll send your results right to your LiveWell account.

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