Advocate Children's Medical Group Complex Pediatric Care Clinic

4100 Healthway Dr 1st Floor, Aurora, IL 60504

Advocate Children's Medical Group Complex Pediatric Care Clinic

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Part of Advocate Medical Group Outpatient Center

4100 Healthway Dr

1st Floor

Aurora, IL 60504

Call: 630-851-3105

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Advocate Medical Group's pediatricians treat and educate your children from birth through their high school years. Once you have chosen AMG for your child's health care needs, you can be confident they are in good hands. We offer a broad range of services, including treatment of childhood illnesses, preventive care, and general patient education. It is generally recommended that pediatric patients graduate to an adult primary care provider at the age of 18. Advocate Medical Group's primary care services are your Medical Home our patient-centered approach to providing complete health care to patients within our practice setting.

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Nisha Chhablani Kakodkar M.D.

Nisha Chhablani Kakodkar M.D.


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